Our Story

bioRemedies MD was founded on the simple principle of providing hemp-derived, cannabidiol (CBD) products, manufactured according to FDA guidelines, in a pharmaceutical setting. We don’t cut corners, and we are consistently working towards the highest of ethical standards in both our business and scientific practices. We are also dedicated to full transparency, and we tirelessly strive to educate our customers on the multifaceted benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

bioRemedies MD uses all organic, CO2 extracted, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. CO2 extraction, which uses carbon-dioxide under high pressure, and extremely low temperatures to preserve the full-spectrum CBD oil, is generally recognized as the safest, and most efficient means of extraction. Upon arrival at our facility, our hemp oil undergoes pharmaceutical-grade, third-party testing to determine the exact chemical composition (to include CBD, THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and terpenes), as well as for any potential toxicological contaminants. Once our oil is cleared for use, we add it to our all organic proprietary blend of terpenes and plant extracts, developed by our staff toxicologist and pharmacologist.

All of our products have no more than the legal limit of THC, while maintaining one of the highest percentages of CBD by volume. For example, our pufCBD formulation is at least 5x stronger than many of our competitors! And available at a fair price!

Company mL of oil mg of CBD mg of CBD/mL
pufCBD 1 150 150
Most Competitors 10 200-300 20/30

No propylene glycol, no vegetable glycerine added!

Once the composition of our oil has been verified, only then does our Chief Science Officer begin the formulation of each unique product. We never add propylene glycol, PEG, or vegetable glycerine. Only organic MCT oilterpenes, and plant extracts are used to heighten the therapeutic benefits of our CBD oil!

bioRemedies MD uses only organic, non-GMO terpenes, and plant extractions to enhance the flavor of the oil, and the efficacy of the CBD!

Terpenes are the oils produced by plants that offer distinct flavors, aromas, and benefits. For example, alpha-pinene and beta-pinene smell of pine, and promote alertness, and memory retention. They also occur naturally in rosemary, basil, and pine needles. Studies have shown that terpenes not only enhance the flavor and scent, while adding their own benefits, they also work synergistically with the CBD molecule to increase its efficacy.

We at bioRemedies MD strongly believe in the benefits, and the potential of CBD. We have worked hard to ensure our products meet our incredibly high standards, and have implemented pharmaceutical-grade testing and manufacturing processes to ensure the quality, efficacy, and safety of each of our product lines. Find us on Facebook, and Instagramfor updates on new products, and the latest news on CBD!

Be well. Stay kind.

– Team bioRemedies MD