Vials and Vape Pens

Vials and Pipettes (Bulbs)

Some plastics will break down in the presence of compounds like terpenes, leaching harmful chemicals into their mix. Vaping or swallowing these chemicals can cause irritation, inflammation or much worse. We use medical vials to contain our oil, specifically chosen because they are non-leaching, sterile, and leak-proof. We also include a pipette (bulb) for removing the oil from the vial and adding to your vaporizer.

We recommend using our specially designed vape pen with our pufCBD oil, but you can certainly use our oil with another vaporizer. Our oil is subtly flavored and can be vaped on its own, or added to an e-juice of your choosing.

Vape Pen

Our newest vaporizer pen kit is compact, sleek, and easy to use. A single setting battery (3.62v), perfect for a clean and flavorful vape. Our Chief Science Officer (a board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist) specially formulated our raw, full-spectrum CBD with all organic terpenes, essential oils, and extracts to burn smoothly at 3.62v/15w without sacrificing flavor.

The cartridge itself is constructed of leak-proof, medical-grade, pyrex glass, which cannot leach toxic material the way some cheaper plastic chambers can. The coil includes an organic cotton wick with a 1.2mm intake hole. Standard 510-threading, and 0.5mL capacity.

Our vaporizer pen kit provides a perfect vape for either our pufCBD vape oils or addCBD drops.